About Us

EFEC is a reputable and innovative management pedagogic consulting firm, established to collaborate with institutions attaining to achieve the school learning needs of the 21st century. It is a branch of a national network of educational leaders and educators who believe in helping children to reach their potentials. EFEC provides insights for institutions seeking advancement, growth and reform through a multicultural approach to education, environmental education, art education and emotional literacy.

Our Mission
EFEC seeks to work collaboratively with policy makers, legislators, educators, educational leaders, and EFEC’s members. EFEC Consultants are proactive in research method and effective teaching practices. As a 21st century-driven company, predominantly made up of educators, professional contractors and consultants, EFEC is dedicated to the effectiveness of the ethical practices. EFEC acknowledges the policies and academic frameworks that are compelling to the provision of a nurturing learning environment. The professionals and business system at EFEC aimed at offering an array range of consulting services; professional development, and conduct research are reached in collaboration with other educational institutions. There is a quest to strengthen EFEC community of learners. EFEC growing network of experts facilitates serving the communities in need of seeking advice.

Our Vision
EFEC focuses on embracing a humanism-holistic approach to increasing educators’ participation, enhancing the infrastructure of institutions and developing the quality of education for the learners. EFEC focus is tailored to organizational growth plan by engaging in assessment need for reform, strategic planning and creates evaluation tools to meet the desired outcome.

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